Vitalize Seed Spring Mix – Available for Pre-Order

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Be the first to secure your seed for Spring 2023 Food Plot Season. Nitro-Boost, the Vitalize Seed Spring Mix is open for ordering now. The orders will be fulfilled and shipped in Early March.

Order here:


Spring / Summer Planting

  • Fixing Atmospheric N
  • Add diversity to your mixes
  • Browse tolerant species
  • Great for soil, bees, and bucks!
  • 30%+ more diversity than the closest competitor
  • Engineered Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio that naturally feeds the soil biology, that will in turn make nutrients available for your fall planting of Carbon Load will thrive!
Mature Bucks enjoying Vitalize Seed’s Nitro-Boost

*Broadcast – increase by 10%-25% – depending on the thatch layer you are broadcasting into. Less thatch, you will likely need slightly more seed. Note, we have small and large seeds in this mix – intentionally to increase our success for all planting methods.

Order here:

Thank you for your support!

Jared Van Hees

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