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If you are thinking about improving your land for better wildlife habitat, and a better hunting experience, do not let another year go by.  We are booking into April of 2023 and reaching our max client list for the year.

Have you considered creating a plan for your property?  We always recommend starting with a plan and goals in mind.  This way you can feel confident and know where to start, not goof anything up to fix again later (saving time), and learn things about deer, bedding, and habitat all-in-one.  As you may have heard before, these are our Habitat Podcast LAND PLAN consulting services.

Reasons for a Land Plan:

  • To improve overall habitat for wildlife
  • To improve hunting on your property
  • To help decide what habitat to improve/plant and where to begin
  • To help choose food plot locations, shape and forage types
  • To help define hunter access & deer bedding security
  • To locate the largest gap in your habitat & hunting regimen & improve
  • To help determine which forestry practice is right for you & your property
  • To help you become more satisfied with your property

Here is a video to showcase our Land Plans.

Listed below are a few of our testimonials on our Land Plans:

I reached out to Jared looking for advice on how to improve the land I own. My goals were to keep deer on my property and give them a safer habitat. Hunting around here has changed a lot in the 40 years my wife and I have owned our property, new houses have been built close by and wooded acres have been converted to farmland. Jared asked what my goals were, drove over three hours to my home, and spent a considerable amount of time walking the property and creating a plan that aligned with my goals. Jared is easy to communicate with, responded to emails and texts within a timely manner, and was always willing to answer any question that I had.  – Mark (IN)

After listening to the podcast for a couple of years, I decided to inquire about the land plan services. I
filled out the online contact form and submitted it. Jared emailed me later that day with information
regarding the service, cost, options, etc. Our family decided that it was a no-brainer to go with the
“boots on the ground option.” We own 60 acres in south, central Pennsylvania. Brian met with my
nephew and I for a tour of the tract. We spent several hours combing the property and talking about
various improvement options. A week or so later, Brian had the preliminary plan complete. Jared,
Brian and I had a zoom meeting to review the plan. The digital plan was well thought out and easy to
follow. It was refreshing to see that Brian had listened to what our goals were and incorporated those
thoughts into the plan. There were near-term goals and an overall long-term solution for the property.
Both Jared and Brian have been quick to respond to questions before, during, and after the process. I
would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their wildlife habitat. – Marl (PA)

Sam C. (IL)

If you need some additional sets of eyes on your ground, shoot us a message and we will reach out.  Good luck this year and thanks for reading!

Jared Van Hees

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