Habitat Podcast #36 – Phil Lincoln – 5 Habitat Consultants, Property DOs & DON’Ts, Long Distance Management, Habitat Plan Setup, Circle Track of Food, 530 Trees Logged, Importance of Mock Scrapes, Buck Bedding on Your Property, Bumping Deer & Stand Access

Phil 36

Habitat Podcast #36 – We talk with Phil Lincoln on Property DOs & DONT’s

Long Distance Property Management

5 Habitat Consultants – Don Higgins, Jeff Sturgis, Jim Ward, Jim Brauker, etc

Habitat Plan Setup

Circular Motion of Food

530 Trees Logged right away

The need for Buck Bedding on Your Property

Managing Grape Vines in your woods – turning into deer buffet

Lots of Mock Scrapes / Rope Scrapes on Angled Logs – How to from Phil

Where to Shoot Does vs Bucks

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