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A brand new partner of the Habitat Podcast –

Jared and Brian at the Habitat Podcast are proud to announce our newest partner: The Squirrel

We interviewed the inventor of this product back on episode #53 – Lowell Larson is from Marquette, MI, and was a blast to talk to. We will also be interviewing Lowell again soon, so stay tuned!

The Squirrel is an acorn planting device where you can effieciently and very quickly plant acorns throughout your woods, fields, and property, without bending over. This can be done in a short amount of time and land managers are able to plant acorns by the thousands. This tool is commonly used planting new oaks prior to a timber harvest or on a blank slate type property, where a new oak stand is wanted or needed.



The Squirrel can be used to plant a wide variety of nuts up to 1″ in diameter. If that wasn’t enough, Lowell came out with a new version called the “1.5”. This version can handle even larger nuts like chestnuts or anything up to 1.5″ in diameter.



As you know we do not partner with just anyone here at Habitat Podcast. We only use great, quality products that work and partner with great people we meet.

Please check out The Squirrel today, and get one for yourself and any habitat manager you know. This is the best way to plant nuts on your property.

Be sure to mention the Habitat Podcast when you order, for 10% off! Either enter Habitat Podcast in the shipping notes or on the phone when you call Lowell to order your Squirrel 1.0 or 1.5!

You can find out more about the line of nut planting products here:

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