Habitat Podcast Habitat Podcast #173 – Vitalize Seed CO. – Soil Building Simplified

Habitat Podcast Habitat Podcast #173 – Vitalize Seed CO. – Soil Building Simplified

Habitat Podcast #173 – Jared Van Hees & Albert Tomechko introduce a brand new seed company / partner of the Habitat Podcast. This new company is called VITALIZE SEED COMPANY. The goal with this company, is to simplify the process of building up our soil. When we build up our soil, we can increase organic matter/soil health, decrease the use of expensive fertilizer and herbicide, all while increasing nutrition in both our food plots and the critters that eat them. Yes, that means big buck antlers too!


To give strength and energy to our soils through balanced carbon to nitrogen ratios via our diverse seed mixes. Our mixes focus on maximizing photosynthetic energy throughout 12 months of the year. 

Vitalize Seed mixes enhance both above and below-ground biomass. This allows us to feed microbes, and have our mixes work synergistically off each other as a “One-Two System” which reduce our growers reliance on synthetic inputs. 

Learn more at www.VitalizeSeed.com

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