Habitat Podcast #94 – Steve Bartylla – Big Buck Habitat Secrets, Fully Understanding Sanctuaries, Creating Property Flow, Learning Bedding Areas, Studying Deer & Early Season Brassicas

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Habitat Podcast #94 – Steve Bartylla, one of our habitat and hunting idols, joins Jared and Brian for a 2 part podcast series on all things Whitetail habitat & hunting.  There is 2.5 hours of truly awesome information to digest, so be sure to listen twice!  It is important to consider the info from these 2 podcast segments while you are observing your habitat work this Fall from the tree. We cover:

Who is Steve Bartylla & background,

Big Buck Habitat Secrets – Some of the tips and tricks Steve uses,

Fully Understanding Sanctuaries – We dive deep here, as many people put too much pressure on their ground.  This is a very important subject,

Creating Property Flow – When designing a habitat plan for your farm,

Learning Bedding Areas – How they work and how to hunt them, when to go in,

Studying Deer – patterns, tracks, food choice will help you during hunting season,

Early Season Brassicas – Some secrets on what Fall food plot varieties to plant for early season.

There is a WHOLE episode #2 coming up with Steve, so be sure to stay tuned!

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