Habitat Podcast #90 – Jim Lombardi – Making Bucks Hunt You, 100% Mock Scrape Success, Mitch Rompola History, Deer Sense of Smell, How To Hunt Scrapes, Where & When on Synthetic Scrapes, Deer Glands & Buck Communication


Habitat Podcast #90 – Jim Lombardi joins Jared and Brian on a show discussing everything mock scrapes and deer olfactory.  We have a very informative chat on:

Mock Scrape Success – How to Kill Bucks on Mock Scrapes in MI or elsewhere,

What is a Mock Scrape?  Why do bucks use them?

Mitch Rompola History – How Mitch studied the deer he hunted,

Deer Sense of Smell – Olfactory and How deer smell,

How To Hunt Scrapes – Where to setup?

Where & When on Synthetic Scrapes,

Deer Glands & Communication in Bucks & and much more!

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