Habitat Podcast #87 – Chad Thelen – How To Buy Hunting Property, Where to Start, Key Attributes, Top 3 Habitat Improvements, Wind Access, Swamps, Property Values & Out of State Hunting

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Habitat Podcast #87 – Chad Thelen joins Jared and Brian to cover all things one needs to consider when looking to buy hunting property.  We cover some of the basics, and also some things we have never heard of!  

What you need to know when Buying Hunting Property,

Where to Start & Financing, 

Top Attributes to Look For in a new Property,

Top 3 Habitat Improvements to do to your new land,

Wind & Access before buying,

Cover & Swamps and how they relate to Property Values,

Getting to know your neighbors and Co-Ops,

Timber Value and Using a Timber Buyer to pay down payment,

Out of State Hunting!

More from Chad – www.stoneycreekoutdoors.com

Podcasts & LAND PLANS – www.habitatpodcast.com

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