Habitat Podcast #85 – Adam Lewis – Sound Proofing Gear, How Deer Hearing Works, Silencing Techniques, Access & Sound Cover using Habitat, Public Land Hunting, Lab Testing Sound for Deer & Sound Barrier Hunting Co.


Habitat Podcast #85 – Adam Lewis joins Jared and Brian on another great conversation!  Adam founded Sound Barrier Hunting, which is a great company focusing on hunter success in the woods.  We cover this, along with habitat(s) we can use to cover our sound. We also cover:

Sound Proofing Gear,

How Whitetail Deer Hearing Works – How Far Sound Travels,

Silencing Techniques with Buck Bumper and Habitat,

Hunter Access & Sound Cover using Habitat,

Public Land Hunting and Being Covert / Silent in the open woods,

University Lab Testing Sound for Deer,

Sound Barrier Hunting Co.

More from Adam – www.soundbarrierhunting.com

Podcasts/Discounts/Gear – www.habitatpodcast.com

LAND PLAN Services – www.habitatpodcast.com/landplans

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