Habitat Podcast #77 – Tom James – 17 Acre Whitetail Haven, No Till Pros & Cons, Indiana Habitat, The Firminator Implement, Transplanting/Protecting Oaks & Base Camp Country


Habitat Podcast #77 – We chat with our friend Tom James from Indiana.  Tom is a property owner, land manager, real estate agent, food plot implement inventor and the best kind of addicted deer nut!  This is an excellent episode.

We cover:

17 Acre Whitetail Haven – Tom takes a large field out of corn & soybean production and puts in ALL whitetail and wildlife habitat.

Indiana Habitat – How Tom and his background led to purchasing his first piece of property,

Inventing The Firminator – How a need was solved with innovation and a new food plot implement was born,

Weekend Projects – Like the rest of us we discuss working on habitat each weekend and what can get done,

No-Till vs. Conventional Planting – Pros & Cons and how each soil and situation are different,

Transplanting Oaks & controlling weeds & competition,

Tom’s role in The Management Advantage,

Prescribed Fire – Tom wraps up with a job he is on during this podcast!

Base Camp Country Real Estate – Tom’s role and how our listeners can find hunting property, hunting leases and learn more about wildlife habitat management.

Tom & BCCRE – https://www.basecampcountry.com/

The Firminator Food Plot Implement – http://www.thefirminator.com/

The Management Advantage – http://www.themanagementadvantage.com/

Podcasts & Gear – https://habitatpodcast.com/

Check out this episode!


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