Habitat Podcast #74 – Dan Infalt – Hunting Beast, Habitat Setups for Private Land, Hunting & Scouting Buck Beds, Food Plot Setups, Pressure & Over-Hunting, Security of Water & Access


Habitat Podcast #74 – Dan Infalt from the Hunting Beast joins Jared and Brian to talk deer hunting and habitat strategy on private and public land.  We cover:

Habitat Setups and Tricks for Hunting Big Bucks on Private Land,

Why Big Buck Serial Killer?

Hunting Buck Beds on Public Land and Private,

The use of Food Plots and How Dan Hunts them,

How access on your parcel is very important,

People Pressure & Over-Hunting you land,

Staying out of your hunting spots and using public land to balance.

How Big Bucks use Water for safety and security.

Dan’s favorite tree and Hunting Advice for Small Property Owners

More from Dan – www.huntingbeast.com

PODCASTS & GEAR – www.habitatpodcast.com


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