Habitat Podcast #69 – Nick Nation – Hinge Cutting, Habitat Hook Types and Uses, Edge Feathering , Mineral Stumps & Flush Cutting, TSI & Hinge Cut Bedding Areas, Tree Types & Hinge Cutting Techniques


Habitat Podcast #69 – Nick Nation joins Jared and Brian for another great podcast on Hinge Cutting.  This is more of the 201 class as we answer listener questions and discuss the following:

Habitat Hook Types and Uses,

Listener Questions on TSI & Hinge Cutting,

Edge Feathering,

How to Daisy Chain Treed when Felling,

Tree Species Value,

MIneral Stumps & Flush Cutting,

Different Techniques Used,

Bedding Areas Design with Hinge Cutting,

Tree types that Hinge Cut well,

Property Layout Planning and so much more!

Habitat Hooks–> www.nationscreations.net

Podcasts & Gear –> www.habitatpodcast.com



Check out this episode!


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