Habitat Podcast #66 – William Spalding – Thlete Camo Story, Base Layers & New Products, Conservation, GA & TN Hunting & Habitat Views


Habitat Podcast #66 – We have William Spalding from Thlete Camo on.  This was a discussion from October and we get into:

The Story of Thlete & Science of light camo,

Working on Something Your Passionate about,

The Spalding Story & Outdoors,

Planting Black Eyed Peas,

Merino Wool & Synthetic Base Layers,

2020 New Products,

Southern Hunting and Habitat – Green Pattern,

Tennessee and Georgia Deer Hunting,

Dr. Kroll – Hunting Next to Him,

Check out their line @ www.thlete.com

All episodes at www.habitatpodcast.com



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Jared Van Hees

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