Habitat Podcast #56 – Larry Dame – Rabitat, Planting 1000 Autumn Olive, Chop n Drop, Small Game Habitat, Edges & Fence Rows, Brush Piles, Rabbit Recipes & How Rabbit Habitat Relates to Deer Habitat


Habitat Podcast #56 – Larry Dame joins Brian and Jared on the podcast to talk all things Small Game Habitat, and how it relates to Whitetail Deer Habitat.  He manages his 80 acres specifically for Rabbits. We cover:

Rabitat – What is Rabbit Habitat?

Chop n Drop Tree Felling Technique,

Old DNR advice like planting 1000 Autumn Olive,

Rabbit Winter Food,

Berry Canes, Box Elder, Sassafrass & Sumac,

Small Game Habitat – What this means and how to create it,

Edge Feathering & Fence Rows,

Brush Pile Specifics – How to make the best Rabbit brush piles,

Favorite Rabbit Recipes & How Rabbit Habitat Relates to Deer Habitat,

Dr. Craig Harper & Seed Bank Exploding,

Favorite Tree of course!


Jared Van Hees

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