Habitat Podcast #51 – Butch Bauer – Working Man BowHunter, How to Juggle Life..Kids & Hunting, Natural Funnels, Daily Struggles, Fall Preparation, New Hunters, Outfitters & Food Plot Prep


Habitat Podcast #51 – Butch Bauer & the Working Man BowHunter Team.  Butch, Wes, Jimmy, and Drew are more regular joes just like all of us, following their passion for habitat and hunting.

We cover:

How to Juggle Life, Kids & Hunting,

Daily Struggle with work, chores, family, and friends,

Fall Habitat, Bow and Stand Preparation,

Getting Wives, Family, Freinds, and New Hunters Involved with our Lifestyle,

Choosing Outfitters and Going on Outfitted Hunts when Time is tight,

Butch’s Food Plot Strategy & Preparation,

159″ Michigan Buck Story





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