Habitat Podcast #49 – Don Higgins – Food Plots, 2 Bucks @ 400″, Mature Buck Habitat, Trail Cam Strategy, Real World Products, Homecoming Bucks, Arranging Habitat For Bucks vs Does, How Don Hunts & Higgins Outdoors

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Habitat Podcast #49 – Don Higgins – Jared and Brian and very excited to have Don on the podcast.  Don is a very nice and humble guy and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Whitetails.  Here is an awesome conversation covering:

Mature Buck Habitat & Consulting,

Habitat Feature Arrangement Depending on Goals,

Trail Camera Strategy for Scouting & Hunting 200″ Deer,

Don’s 2017 Season with 400″ of Antler,

Real World Wildlife Products & Higgins Outdoors,

Homecoming Bucks,

Arranging Habitat For Bucks vs Deer,

Mistakes Don Sees the Most Of,

Classes, Seminars & Events Higgins Outdoors Offers.




Check out this episode!


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