Habitat Podcast #46 – Erich Long & Cody Altizer – Conservation & Habitat Advocacy, Vegan Neighbors, Future of Hunting & Conservation, Spreading The Word, Steps To Take, Groups To Join, What Can WE Do?


Habitat Podcast #46 – Erich Long & Cody Altizer join Jared and Brian to chat on all things about our future.  We cover some great stories and thoughts, including:

Who are Cody & Erich?  Video Work,

Conservationalist & It Being Goal #1,

Backgrounds & Past Videos,

Hunting Heritage & Habitat Advocacy,

Vegan Neighbors & How To Include Non Hunting People,

Future of Hunting & Conservation,

How To Start Spreading The Word,

What Steps To Take If You Want To Help,

What Groups To Join & What Can WE Do to make sure we do all we can to keep conservation and habitat as goal #1.

Check out this episode!


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