Habitat Podcast #33 – Chad Thelen – Federal/State Habitat Programs, The E.S. Habitat Challenge, Stoney Creek Outdoor Properties, Applying & Qualifying for Funds $$, Farmers.gov Walk-Through, US Fish & Wildlife, Farm Service Biologists & NRCS Contacts, Opt

Episode 33

Habitat Podcast #33 we have Chad Thelen from Stoney Creek Outdoor Properties.  Get ready for some INFORMATION!

We cover info on Federal& State Habitat Programs on Public and Private Lands

The Early Successional Habitat Challenge with Craig Harper and QDMA.

Applying & Qualifying for Funds $$

Farmers.gov Programs website Walk-Through

US Fish & Wildlife Programs – Partners for Fish & Wildlife

Getting Info from Local Farm Service Biologists & NRCS Contacts

Habitat Program Options Including Streams / Monarch Butterflies / Grasslands / Pines / CRP

Biggest Questions & Hurdles When Getting Into A Program

Contract Maintenance with Fire and Herbicide

Program Payouts & much more!

Chad’s Company


Conservation Districts of MI


Program Resources



Farm Service Biologists – https://bit.ly/2RQxljL

Find a Biologist – https://bit.ly/2Fv5IqP


Craig Harper’s Book – https://bit.ly/2stdfOm




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