Habitat Podcast #30 – Jared Van Hees – GAME PLAN – Illinois Buck, Late Season Hunting, 2nd Rut, Strategies for Cold Weather, Afternoon Hunts, Low Pressure, Beans & Corn, Brassicas, How To Hunt Late Season, Timberland Outfitters

Jared VanHees - episode 30

Habitat Podcast #30

We have our own Jared Van Hees – GAME PLAN – with his story of how he killed his Illinois Buck.  It was cold weather, and true late season strategies were used.  We also chat with Al from episode 4 and hear how Al almost connects with a great big buck the same nice Jared harvests his.  We also cover:

Late Season Hunting,

Strategies for Hunting in Cold Weather,

Reasons for Afternoon Hunts, Bed to Food Patter,

Why to Keep Low Pressure, Timber Bedding AM Hunts,

Targeting Beans & Corn, and even Brassicas,

How To Tackle Late Season after your deer have been hunting,

Hunting with an Outfitter for the 1st time.

Doe Fawns coming into Estrous. 

Check out this episode!

Jared Van Hees

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