Habitat Podcast #277 – The.Deercamp.Podcast: Andy Hutchens with David Riley Jr. Talking Deer Hunting

Habitat Podcast #268 – The.Deercamp.Podcast: Andy Hutchens with Andy May Talking Deer Hunting

Habitat Podcast #277 – In today’s bonus episode of The Habitat Podcast, we are doing something a little different. Repeat guest and friend of the podcast Andrew Hutchens has recently launched his own podcast called The.Deercamp.Podcast where he talks with guys from all walks of life about deer camp-style hunting stories. From time to time we will be premiering a few of his episodes and this week is his recent discussion with David Riley Jr. We discuss:

  • The advantages of saddle hunting
  • The emotional toll of an elusive buck
  • Tracking and the challenges it brings
  • A Kansas Buck in 24 Hours
  • Heartfelt bowhunt in Michigan
  • The pain of losing a tracked deer
  • Adapting hunting strategies mid-game

And So Much More!

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