Habitat Podcast #25 – Brian Halbleib – GAME PLAN – Hunting Beast Style Kill, Rut Hunting Advice, Staying Mobile, First Sits, Grunting, Digital Scouting & Creative Access

Brian Halbleib

Habitat Podcast #25 – Brian Halbleib –

Another GAME PLAN Podcast.  Cohost Brian Halbleib kills a GREAT PA 10 point buck.  He studies a new technique all summer and makes a plan.  We cover:

Hunting Beast Style Hunting (Dan Infalt)

Killing big bucks in or by their beds

General Rut Hunting Advice & Tips on what to do and what not to do

Staying Mobile with climbers, or tree stand and climbing stick setups

First Sits are the best sits

How to and How NOT to Grunt or Grunting at big bucks

Digital Scouting without ever stepping foot in an area

Creative Access – Joining a sportsman club which gives public access to specific property.

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