Habitat Podcast #246 – Habitat Podcast Round Table: In-Season Updates, Scrape Week is Coming and Michigan Deer Camp

Habitat Podcast #246 – In today’s episode of The Habitat Podcast, The crew sits down to all give in season updates with Jared, Brian, Al and Sam Corozza. We discuss:

  • Hunting pressure and food plots
  • The different regulations on poundage for hunting in Ohio and Michigan
  • Scouting for natural browse to help locate potential deer habitats
  • Focus on bulletproof access and strike when the wind and conditions are right
  • Planting apple trees strategically for maximum deer attraction
  • Hunt according to your own goals and don’t compare yourself to others
  • Utilizing past experience and knowledge to pick out stand locations
  • Calculated risk-taking
  • Understand that hunting strategies can vary depending on different factors
  • Applying habitat knowledge leads to successful hunting strategies
  • Rinsing allows for thorough inspection of the deer and can help prevent spoilage
  • Understanding calculated risks and managing pressure in early season deer hunting
  • The significance of striking while the iron’s hot
  • Hunting deer where they are

And so much more!

Good luck this Fall and if you have a question yourself, just email us @ info@habitatpodcast.com


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