Habitat Podcast #242 – Transforming Marsh Wasteland to Big Buck Heaven, Creating Buck Travel Corridor and (Still) Fighting Drought Conditions with Todd Shippee

Habitat Podcast #242 – In today’s episode of The Habitat Podcast, Jared sits down with friend of the podcast Todd Shippee. We get into adapting to drought and extreme temperatures, using sneaky tactics for deer hunting and improving deer management through habitat creation. We discuss:

  • Temporary screens can be used to create immediate cover while waiting for shrubs and trees to grow
  • Shrubs and trees are more important than just trees, as they provide better cover for deer
  • Caging vulnerable tree species protects them from buck rubbing damage
  • Creating strip food plots with screens and bedding areas forces bucks to check multiple areas before leaving your property
  • Gradually transition open fields into wooded areas with shrubs and trees to enhance habitat
  • Using culverts, geogrids, or bridges helps create access over sensitive or wet areas
  • Dividing open fields into strips of food and screens creates a natural flow for deer movement and reduces pressure from dominant does
  • Knocking down trees with a chainsaw and leaving stumps in food plots doesn’t hinder planting
  • Instinctive shooting with a stick bow or recurve
  • Hunting with a stick bow requires proper muscle memory and anchor points
  • Boots on the ground can change the perspective of older hunters who are resistant to new hunting techniques

And so much more!

Good luck this Fall and if you have a question yourself, just email us @ info@habitatpodcast.com


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