Habitat Podcast #238 – Fighting Drought, Dealing with Weed Infestations, and USDA Grants for Habitat Improvement with Ryan Timiney

Habitat Podcast #237 – In today’s episode of The Habitat Podcast, Jared sits back down with repeat guest Ryan Timiney. We get into managing drought and weed infestation in food plots, utilizing rye for crimping, setting up stand locations, using trail cameras for security and obtaining USDA grants for habitat improvement. We discuss:

  • Ryan’s attempt at a no-till approach for weed control
  • The drought led to an influx of grass and broadleaf weeds in Ryan’s food plots
  • Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of a sprayer for different plot needs and preferences
  • Setting up stand locations and planning regeneration requires careful visualization and consideration of the property
  • Strategically placing stands with a green backdrop
  • Loosing 10 acres of land due to a neighbor’s mistake in not filing the deed correctly
  • Mowing down plots and broadcasting rye to salvage the food plot
  • Rye is essential for successful crimping and can be cheap and effective when top-dressed
  • Creating optimal hiding spots in lone trees 
  • Using cameras mainly for security purposes
  • Issues with bears damaging Trail Cameras

And so much more!

Good luck this Fall and if you have a question yourself, just email us @ info@habitatpodcast.com


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