Habitat Podcast #232 – Doug Holmes – Down Burst Seeders

Habitat Podcast #232 – Doug Holmes – Down Burst Seeders

Habitat Podcast #232 – Doug Holmes joins Jared Van Hees to chat about a brand new product! Doug is the owner/inventor of Down Burst Seeders and today we hear his story.

Down Burst Seeders deliver precision small seed spreading for all your food plot and screening needs. Light weight, durable, and easy to maneuver, Down Burst Drop Seeders fit virtually any vehicle. Featuring a ground wheel driven seed meter, Down Burst Seeders provide precise seed rates regardless of planting speed. Take the guess work out of cover-crop planting and achieve even coverage at the proper seed rate. Perfect for clovers, brassicas, alfalfa, switchgrass, and any other small seed species. Down Burst Seeders – Know what you’re putting down!


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