Habitat Podcast #161 – Greg Berndtson – Top Dollar Timber, Timber Contracts, 3 Timber Payment Options, Logger Selection Tips, Forestry Concerns & What To Watch Out For

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Habitat Podcast #161 – Greg Berndtson from Episode 15 is back!  Greg was on years ago, and now we are diving deep and specific into Timber Harvests for us habitat managers on our hunting land.  This is an info-packed conversation so grab something to take notes with!  We cover:

Timber Contracts – Different options to consider,

Using Consulting Foresters vs. Loggers,

3 Payment Options to review when getting paid out for your timber,

Logger Selection Tips – How to check if your Logger is legitimate and worth working with,

Forestry Concerns – What To Watch Out For,

How to get top dollar for your timber,

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