Habitat Podcast #125 – Chad Sylvester – Trail Camera Details, Where to Place, Cellular Cams, GPS Features, Yearly Hot Spots, Public Land Scouting & Exodus Outdoor Gear


Habitat Podcast #125 – Chad Sylvester joins Jared and Brian for a chat on all things Trial Cams!  This is an awesome conversation that points out many uncommon things we miss with this tool.  We cover the technical side of things, as well as:

Chad’s Background,

Trail Camera Details,

Where to Place Trail Cams – Techniques & Challenges,

Cellular Cams vs Regular Card Pulls,

GPS Features and what that means in a Camera,

Yearly Hot Spots to Place Cams,

Ohio Public Land Scouting & Exodus Outdoor Gear!

Exodus Outdoor Gear

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Jared Van Hees

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