Habitat Podcast #108 – Lincoln Rohn & Chad Thelen – Winter Habitat Projects, ATV Crimper Update, Frost Seeding, Hinge Cutting, Real Estate Market, Improving Land to Sell, Switchgrass, TSI – Leaving the Tops & Would you Buy This Land Scenario


Habitat Podcast #108 – Lincoln Rohn & Chad Thelen join Jared and Brian for a fun discussion on a variety of topics.  They include:

Lincoln & Chad’s Winter Habitat Projects,

ATV Crimper Update from Packer Maxx,

Winter Frost Seeding – Clover and Switchgrass,

Hinge Cut Side Cover,

Real Estate Market – Where the Market Trends are Today,

Improving Land to Sell – Do you want to Sell your Land?

Switchgrass – Drilling VS. Frost Seeding,

TSI – Leaving the Tops & Would You Buy This Land Scenario!

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Jared Van Hees

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