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Habitat Podcast #55 – Aaron Warbritton – The Hunting Public, Habitat Scouting, Edge and Stem Density, Buck Sign, Family Farm and Reading Properties

Habitat Podcast #55 – Aaron Warbritton from The Hunting Public joins Jared Van Hees and Brian Halbleib from The Habitat Podcast for some Whitetail deer habitat and hunting discussion.  We cover: What Aaron looks for when looking at Habitat and Scouting, Family Farm and Food Plots – Aaron’s take on Habitat Management, Nice MO Buck…

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Habitat Podcast #54 – Lincoln Rohn – Fall Food Plots, Favorite Seed, Rotating Crops, Plot Mistakes, Last Minute Fertilizer, RoundUp, CWD/APR Update in Michigan

Habitat Podcast #54 – Lincoln Rohn from Packer Maxx Cultipackers Lincoln joins Jared and Brian to talk all things Fall Food Plots.  We also cover: Favorite Seed & Mixtures to Plant Rotating Crops Like Brassicas, Using Cultipackers, Food Plot Mistakes, Food Plot Shapes, Last Minute Fertilizer in Mid October, Using Herbicide and RoundUp, CWD/APR Update…

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Habitat Podcast #57 – Nick Percy – Saving Fall Food Plots, September Planting, Starting Over, Tough Planting Year Fixes, Bucks & Chicory, Nutsedge, Soil Defender, Fertilizer & Soil Test Giveaway

Habitat Background

Habitat Podcast #57 – Nick Percy joins Jared and Brian for another FOOD PLOT episode.  We get into a lot of detail on: Saving Fall Food Plots vs Starting Over, Fall & September Planting – What Seed and How to Plant? Starting Over – Is it worth it?  Retain moisture pellets. Dealing with a Tough…

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Habitat Podcast #53 – Lowell Larson – The Squirrel Invention, Nut Planting, Seeds vs Seedlings, TSI Replanting, Oak Species, Acorn Tips, Fall or Spring Tree Planting & 20 Year Testing

Habitat Podcast #53 – Lowell Larson from Marquette MI joins Jared while he is on a camping trip to discuss The Squirrel. We cover: The Squirrel – an acorn planting tool he invented 20 years ago. Nut Planting, Harvesting, and Caring, The Success of Planting Seeds vs Seedlings, TSI Replanting – When and How to…

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Habitat Podcast #52 – Bobby Cole – Mossy Oak GameKeepers, Food Plot Future, Biologic, Foliar Fertilizer, Habitat Innovation, Down South Hunting, Tilling or No Till, Plot Strategy, Favorite Seed Blends & Hunting with Kids

Habitat Podcast #52 – In this episode, Jared and Brian are humbled to have Bobby Cole from Mossy Oak.  We have been following Bobby for years, and have always wanted to talk with him. We Cover: Bobby Cole’s History and a Family Hunt Mossy Oak GameKeepers Club and Benefits You Get with Joining Food Plot…

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Habitat Podcast #51 – Butch Bauer – Working Man BowHunter, How to Juggle Life..Kids & Hunting, Natural Funnels, Daily Struggles, Fall Preparation, New Hunters, Outfitters & Food Plot Prep

Habitat Podcast #51 – Butch Bauer & the Working Man BowHunter Team.  Butch, Wes, Jimmy, and Drew are more regular joes just like all of us, following their passion for habitat and hunting. We cover: How to Juggle Life, Kids & Hunting, Daily Struggle with work, chores, family, and friends, Fall Habitat, Bow and Stand…

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Habitat Podcast #49 – Don Higgins – Food Plots, 2 Bucks @ 400″, Mature Buck Habitat, Trail Cam Strategy, Real World Products, Homecoming Bucks, Arranging Habitat For Bucks vs Does, How Don Hunts & Higgins Outdoors

Habitat Podcast #49 – Don Higgins – Jared and Brian and very excited to have Don on the podcast.  Don is a very nice and humble guy and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Whitetails.  Here is an awesome conversation covering: Mature Buck Habitat & Consulting, Habitat Feature Arrangement Depending on Goals, Trail Camera Strategy…

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Habitat Podcast #48 – Mike Perry – Deer Bedding Habitat, Hunting Clear Cuts, Oxbows & Creek Bends, How To Locate Bedding Habitat on Public Land, Flat Farms, Swamps or Hilly Terrain & Learning Thermals

EP 48 of the Habitat Podcast, Mike Perry joins us from PA.  Mike is a big buck killer and hunts both Ohio and PA, and focuses on finding deer bedding habitat.  This is an exciting and informative discussion as deer season approaches.  We cover: Deer Bedding Habitat – How Deer Bed in Specific Habitat Types,…

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