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The Habitat Podcast is a podcast for land and wildlife habitat managers, and for hunters who learn and utilize different types of habitat in their hunting strategy.  We interview hunters and habitat managers from across the country, picking their brain to learn their successes and failures.

We are different in the fact that we are not the experts.  This podcast is for us and the listeners to learn a thing or two, from the experts we analyze.


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Episode #11 – Phil Holcombe (PA) – Quick Easy Food Plot, No-Till Food Plots In-Depth, Food Plot Insurance, New Properties & Addressing It, Core vs. Home Range for Bucks, Mono-Culture vs. Diversity Plots

NE PA - No Till Food Plots in Depth. www.facebook.com/habitatpodcast A very detailed conversation today on No Till style food plots.  Also called, throw and ...

Episode #9 – Richard Yaggie (PA) – Property Buying Tips, Green Rooms & Stick Teepees, Observation Before Management, Access Setup is #1, Terrain vs Cover

North Central PA.  Richard joins the Habitat Podcast to discuss the history and story of his 65 acre property.  We start at the beginning: - ...

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